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Kirkwood H.O.G. Riding Style

You will hear us talk about our "Riding Style" before group rides and at other times.  Simply put, that is the general guidelines we follow to try to make group riding safer and allow everyone to know their position in and role within the group.  Here are the guidelines for our style:
  • Staggered Formation
    • We do not ride side by side
    • Maintain about 2 - 3 seconds behind the bike in front of you Maintain about 1 - 2 seconds behind the bike to your right or left (stagger) We stop side by side at stop lights and stop signs if it is safe
  • Lane usage
    • Use the whole width of the lane in curves
    • Stagger allows for side to side movement when needed Try not to allow big gaps to form in the group
  • Hand Signals
    • Sometimes hard to see road issues when in a group
    • Always pass back hand signals Ensure they reach the last bike
  • Keep The Group Together
    • Keep the bike behind you in sight
    • Slow down slightly if needed
    • Give way to merging car (they are dangerous)
  • Please Ride Your Own Ride
    • Don't ride above your level
    • Be aware of traffic at stop signs
    • Ensure your turn is clear of traffic
    • Only follow if it is safe to do so

What Is A Road Captain?

A Road Captain (RC) is a volunteer chapter member that works with the Ride Chairs and Co-Chairs on chapter rides.  The RC's focus is on the route, potential safety issues, and making all rides enjoyable for our members.

What Do The Road Captains Do?

Road Captain activities vary from ride to ride, but in general, RCs help the chapter by:
  • Assist the Ride Chairs and Co-Chairs during planning and execution of chapter rides
  • Conduct group pre-rides with the Ride Chairs prior to the day of the event
  • Suggest route changes for safety concerns
  • Assist the Ride Chairs with GPX and Harley Road Planner files
  • Lead groups of riders - being at the front, middle or rear of groups of riders
  • Participate in Road Captain meetings prior to Chapter Meetings to discuss upcoming events and talk about rides
  • Help out fellow riders in case of mechanical breakdown or other incidents

How To Become a Road Capatain

Do you like to lead rides?  Do you like to help others put on rides?  Can you lead by example?
If you answered yes to those three questions, check out the qualities we look for in a RC.

Qualities we look for in our Road Captains and candidates.

If you want to be a Road Captain, take a look at the qualities we look for in a Road Captain. If you feel these are qualities you possess or strive for and are willing to accept the commitments, fill out and submit the Road Captain application. You will serve as an apprentice for at least one year.

We trust that you will take the responsibility of being a Road Captain seriously. Road Captains work as a team to assist with the safety of all. You lead by example and enhance the Chapter's riding experience.

Qualities we look for in a Road Captain:
  • Current national and Kirkwood H.O.G. membership
  • Current valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement
  • Up to date and valid motorcycle insurance
  • Ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with valid license plates and tags
  • 3 - 5 years of current riding experience / newer riders can serve as apprentices to build experience
  • Attend monthly Road Captain (held before Chapter Meetings)
  • Attend annual Road Captain orientation meeting before each riding season

Head Road Captain

The Head Road Captain leads the team of Road Captains to ensure the following:

-Provide for the safety and welfare of all individuals within the group and any surrounding motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians.
-Lead the group to its destination in a well-organized, disciplined, and safe manner.
-Avoid creating or exacerbating hazardous situations and respond as needed if they do arise.